Weiler Woods for Wildlife Newsletter April 2017
Art for Wildlife Conservation

An Artist's Reflection

Featured Sculpture

Combining our love of nature with art, we are using proceeds from the sale of Dale's sculptures to raise awareness and provide funds for wildlife conservation. By buying our art, you will get a Weiler stone original or limited edition bronze while helping fund critical conservation initiatives. Check out the Featured Sculpture section to learn about our latest conservation project. And we hope you enjoy the beautiful video produced by Windstream on Dale and his art.

Dale believes he was placed on this earth to be a sculptor of stone. "My sculptures focus on wildlife subjects including North American and African mammals, migratory birds and endangered species. My greatest reward is for my work to move someone deeply. I am excited that Loti and I will be using this art to help in the conservation of our natural resources."

“Focusing our energies on working with wildlife conservation groups, we are utilizing artwork to raise awareness and funds to preserve habitat, protect endangered species, and improve animal welfare throughout the world. We hope you will join us on this exciting, challenging endeavor by contacting us with your ideas to make a difference.”