Art for Wildlife Conservation

Our challenge: How to cultivate and combine our two passions, animals and art? Oh, and make a positive difference for wildlife conservation and of course, have fun. Well, we are up for the challenge!

Our journey to connect art with wildlife conservation is just beginning. We hope you will join us. If you are energized, curious about the world around you and eager to make a positive difference for wildlife and their habitat, then strap on your boots and come along for an exciting adventure.

An Artist's Reflection

Check out the Featured Sculpture to learn about our latest conservation project or go to Our Conservation Initiatives to see the organizations with which we are partnering. And enjoy the beautiful video, An Artist's Reflection, produced by Windstream on Dale and his art.

Dale believes he was placed on this earth to be a sculptor of stone. "My sculptures focus on wildlife subjects including North American and African mammals, migratory birds and endangered species. My greatest reward is for my work to move someone deeply. I am excited that Loti and I are using my art to help in the conservation of our wildlife and their habitat"

Help Wildlife Today

Take Action

  • Buy Dale's sculpture or other artist's creations that raise money and/or awareness for animal conservation (see our Sculpture Gallery where a portion of all sales are donated to wildlife causes we support)

  • Join or donate directly to wildlife conservation organizations (see the partners we endorse)

  • Get involved with issues that are important to you (for us, an example is red wolves in the wild) and energize those around you

  • Enjoy nature and nurture your curiosity. Learn how everything is connected

  • Protect our environment and help find solutions to become better stewards of our planet

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