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Art & Wildlife Conservation

polar bear sculpture
Nature Inspiring
Art & Wildlife Conservation
Nature Inspiring
Art & Wildlife Conservation
Rhino sculpture
Nature Inspiring
Art & Wildlife Conservation
Nature Inspiring
Art & Wildlife Conservation
Nature Inspiring
Art & Wildlife Conservation

Passionate about Wildlife?

Searching to Make a Difference?

wildlife conservation


Are you passionate about animals and their habitat? Are you looking for a way to make a difference in this challenging world?

We Were Searching...

As a couple, Dale Weiler & Loti Woods, who met late in life (in our 60's), we were both searching how to make a difference. We quickly realized we shared a passion for wildlife and art as Dale just happens to be a wildlife sculptor.Wildlife conservation

All Profits Donated to Wildlife

Why not use Dale's sculptures to help protect wildlife & their habitat? So we formed Weiler Woods for Wildlife with 100% of all profits donated to wildlife causes which tug at our hearts, especially endangered species and misunderstood, underdog animals such as the hellbender, bats & the red wolf.

Begin Your Journey

Our adventure to combine art with wildlife conservation is just beginning. Join us if you are curious about the world around you, eager to make a difference for wildlife and their habitat and just have fun. Together, we can make our world a better place as you embark on your own journey.


wildlife conservation

Join Our Latest Conservation Project

How many red wolves live in the wild? And where do they live?

Sadly, only about 30 exist in the wild & the only place in the world they live? Eastern North Carolina. Wow, our home state!

So Dale is carving a sculpture of a red wolf and her pup from Utah alabaster. The sculpture, when finished, will be used to bring awareness & funding to our red wolf populations, both wild & captive.

To see progress photos of the sculpture & learn how you can help, read more...

wildlife conservation

Recent Projects:

Donation of Sculpture

  • Installation of "Hellbenders Rock", a hellbender sculpture at the NC Zoo plus a complete renovation of the exhibit including interactive features & a video on hellbenders.

Protecting/Creating Habitat

  • Creating a native garden in our backyard for pollinators

Sharing Information

  • Presented a program at our local library on hellbenders, bats & red wolves.

Together We Can Help Wildlife

Get Involved

Be Curious

  • Explore your neighborhood to get inspired by nature. Be curious, ask questions and share your knowledge.
  • How many kinds of frogs exist? What do woodpeckers eat?

Favorite Animal or Plant?

  • Learn more about your favorite animal or plant. We fell in love with red wolves after learning there are less than 40 left in the wild.
  • And what about native plants? Did you know over 100 animals eat acorns from oak trees to survive?

Join a Conservation Group

  • Join one which supports your passion. We love bats so we joined Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation.

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