"Tails to Rails"

“Tails to Rails”

Our new project has started and it truly is art from the heart. Honoring the Town of Tryon and two of our citizens, Bob and Jackie Lane, the project is called “Tails to Rails” and will be installed downtown in the St. Luke Plaza fountain. So what kind of art do you put into a fountain? Hmmm.

"Tails to Rails"

Drawing of “Tails to Rails”


A Tribute to Tryon and the Lanes

Before Bob Lane passed away, Dale and Bob discussed a  sculpture paying homage to Tryon’s railroad background and our abundance of wildlife. Both felt it was important to improve the downtown with beautiful public art that could be enjoyed by all. What evolved is the current project of two mourning doves sitting on a section of railroad, all carved from stone. It will sit in the fountain on a pedestal.

And just how is Dale carving a railroad section from stone? Well, you start with a railroad tie, add a tie plate and then top it off with a rail on which 2 mourning doves will nestle beak to beak. Carving the railroad tie has proven to be most challenging since Dale has never sculpted stone to look like wood before. But it is turning out quite well.

"Tails to Rails"

Jackie Lane and Dale checking out the progress of the railroad tie and tie plate for “Tails to Rails”


As Dale says in the video, this sculpture is from the heart and recognizes Bob and Jackie Lane for all they have done to improve the downtown of Tryon. We should all be so lucky to have folks like Bob and Jackie in our community.


Stay Tuned for Updates On “Tails to Rails”

Stay tuned for progress reports on the sculpture both on our Facebook page,

Weiler Woods for Wildlife, and right here. The target date for completion is late fall, 2017.

Update Nov 2017

Read about the installation and see the final sculpture in our Blog: The Doves have Landed, “Tails to Rails”, a New Public Art Sculpture