The Doves Have Landed, “Tails to Rails”, A New Public Art Sculpture

public art

Emotional, connected and energized. Three words Dale uses to describe how he feels about his new public art sculpture, “Tails to Rails”. Emotional The sculpture was installed in its final resting place in downtown Tryon, NC in Nov 2017 (read about its inspiration in our blog “Tails to Rails”). Launching a new public art initiative in…

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Kiss a Frog? You bet!

spring newsletter

Would either of us kiss a frog? You bet if it helps protect them from extinction. But we better kiss them quick as they may not be with us much longer. What? Over 40% of frogs, classified as amphibians, are at risk of extinction. Their decline is one of the most critical threats to biodiversity…

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“Tails to Rails”

"Tails to Rails"

Our new project has started and it truly is art from the heart. Honoring the Town of Tryon and two of our citizens, Bob and Jackie Lane, the project is called “Tails to Rails” and will be installed downtown in the St. Luke Plaza fountain. So what kind of art do you put into a fountain? Hmmm.…

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Dale Weiler & A Snowy Owl Bronze.

owl bronze

Our first video starring Dale Weiler and our cute snowy owl bronze. Please let us know what you think of our first video attempt. While it is not perfect, it sure is fun! And we have raised over $12,000 for The Roger Tory Peterson Institute.  We hope to raise $50,000 with your help. To learn more…

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Hummingbirds, Hellbenders and a Snowy Owl Sculpture!

Hummingbirds. Ruby throated hummingbird

What do hummingbirds and hellbenders have in common? And how does a snowy owl sculpture help both?  And more importantly, how does all this fit with our mission to help wildlife? Hmmm. First, some facts. Most hummingbirds migrate each spring and fall between Central America/Mexico and the United States/Canada. This summer we are enjoying several ruby-throated hummingbirds…

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