Kiss a Frog? You bet!

Would either of us kiss a frog? You bet, if it helps protect them from extinction. But we better kiss them quick as they may not be with us much longer. What? Over 40% of frogs, classified as amphibians, are at risk of extinction. Their decline is one of the most critical threats to biodiversity… Read More »

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Our Idea of Paradise!

Walking (yes, walking) with polar bears in the wild, northern lights and no humans for a hundred miles. Our idea of paradise! And where in the world are we? At Nanuk Lodge, one of the Churchill Wild lodges (also part of National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World). The lodge is 100 miles from Churchill,… Read More »

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Hummingbirds, Hellbenders and a Snowy Owl Sculpture!

What do hummingbirds and hellbenders have in common? And how does a snowy owl sculpture help both?  And more importantly, how does all this fit with our mission to help wildlife? Hmmm. First, some facts. Most hummingbirds migrate each spring and fall between Central America/Mexico and the United States/Canada. This summer we are enjoying several ruby-throated hummingbirds… Read More »

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Hellbender Home Wrecker? Not Me!

Hellbender Homewreckers You may be a hellbender home wrecker and not even know it. But first what the hell is a hellbender, also affectionately called snot otters?  This saga begins as a love story.  A what? Last fall, my sister Corrie Woods, who happens to be the marketing brilliance behind Lichty Guitars, posted a photo on Facebook.… Read More »

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