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functional art

Help Frogs, Buy Art

Who doesn’t love a cute frog that is also functional art? Especially this little frog cast in bronze named Jumpin’ Jack. The perfect holiday or anytime gift for someone really special!

functional art

Jumpin’ Jack in the Pulpit with seasonal foliage. Arrangement & photo by Corrie Woods.

And what if the sales proceeds help protect our wild frogs, many of which are in serious trouble. Hmmm. I didn’t know they are in trouble. Yep. Out of the 4,740 species of frogs (wow, there are that many!), almost one third are in decline. From habitat loss, pollution, climate change, pesticides and a deadly fungus with no known cure, frog populations are being decimated.

functional art

Jumpin’ Jack in the Pulpit, functional art by Dale Weiler. Photo by Corrie Woods.

So how can we help? One way is to buy a Jumpin’ Jack sculpture. You get a beautiful Dale Weiler bronze which is also functional art. It holds water and flowers while hanging on your wall. And all of the money (100% after casting costs) is being donated to the NC Zoo and their amphibian (which is what a frog is) conservation programs. The Zoo is currently helping gopher frogs in NC and crested toads in Puerto Rico, both of which are in trouble.

The bronze is a limited edition of 20 and we have already sold over half. It hangs on the wall and is 5″W x 5″ D x 11″ H. Each bronze has a slightly different hand applied patina and is signed and numbered by Dale.

functional art

Jumpin’ Jack in the Pulpit shows off an orchid. Photo by Corrie Woods.

The price is $2,000 (plus tax and shipping if applicable). Help our frogs and the NC Zoo conservation programs by purchasing one today. Email for more info or to put in your order before we sell out. Thanks so much for helping our wildlife.