Conservation Initiatives

Making a difference for wildlife conservation using art.

Wildlife Art: Making a Difference for Conservation

Wildlife Art. How to Use it to Protect Wildlife?

What are we doing to make a difference for conservation using wildlife art in this crazy world? How, what, when, where? So many questions stack up, it is hard to know which direction to turn. Rather than be paralyzed with where to begin, we just decided to dive in using Dale’s sculptures.

Last year, Dale was approached to do a sculpture show at The Roger Tory Peterson Institute (RTPI) in Jamestown, NY. It quickly morphed into a father/son show of Dale’s work alongside his Dad’s work, M.C. Weiler, a renowned sporting watercolorist and wood carver. The show runs from April 21-July 2, 2017.

Wildlife art. A snowy owl carved by Dale Weiler with all proceeds going to RTPI conservation programs

Dale carving a snowy owl

And RTPI felt like a good initial step on two fronts: we both grew up using Roger Peterson’s Bird Field guides to identify birds and Dale’s dad knew Roger and exhibited with him in NY in several art shows. A perfect match!


Then we started thinking (which always gets us in trouble)-how could we do more than just a great wildlife art exhibit? How could we use this show to foster support for conservation?

Hellbenders. Oh My!

First, we started researching conservation programs at RTPI. And guess what? They have a hellbender monitoring initiative (Dale just finished a sculpture of a hellbender)  to learn about their declining populations and an international migratory bird tracking program. Birds that summer in NY can be tracked through their migration down to their winter homes in Costa Rica. Some actually pass through our backyard in North Carolina. Very cool.

 Wildlife art being used for conservation by The Roger Tory Peterson Institute

The Roger Tory Peterson Institute in Jamestown, NY


While all birds are fascinating to us, Dale has a special fondness for owls. He’s carved numerous varieties including the snowy owl which happens to be the logo for RTPI. So we thought, why not carve a small snowy owl for the show (and he just happened to have the perfect piece of snowy alabaster) and have it cast into bronze? Perfect!

Buy a Bronze Snowy Owl by Dale with 100% of the Proceeds going to Conservation.

Sales of the limited-edition bronze will be used to fund research on hellbenders and migratory birds which both fall under an RTPI initiative to connect all of us with nature starting in our own backyards. Dale finished the owl, titled “Elevated Perspective”, last fall and Turner Sculpture has cast and applied the patina for the bronze with 100% of the proceeds going to RTPI conservation.

Wildlife art. A Weiler bronze owl cast in bronze by Dale Weiler

“Elevated Perspective”, a snowy owl sculpted in stone and now cast in bronze.

For us, it is the first of many steps to find creative ways to help wildlife. We hope you will consider buying a Weiler bronze ($1,500 plus tax and shipping) to add to your collection. Both of us smile every time we see the owl, knowing it will make a difference for conservation using wildlife art. You could be smiling with us.