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North Carolina Zoo

The Largest Walk thru Zoo in the World

Who would have thought the North Carolina Zoo practices worldwide conservation? Really? And where in the world is the zoo, how big is it and why do we not know more about the NC Zoo? These are questions we asked ourselves recently. And the answers were stunning.

The largest walk through zoo in the world just happens to be in our backyard in Asheboro, North Carolina. Right smack in the middle of the state with over 2,200 acres, 500 of which are developed for the zoo. And it is one of only two zoos in the U.S. which is state owned. You have to see it to believe it.

North Carolina Zoo

Gazing into an elephant’s eye will touch your soul

Walking the more than 5 miles of paths, we learned new things about some of our favorite animals including hellbenders, red wolves, gorillas, polar bears, numerous birds and of course, elephants! Looking into the eye of one of the elephants touched our souls.

The animals have huge areas in which to roam, with approximately 40 acres for the savanna where the elephants, gazelles, and rhinos thrive. We were really impressed in talking to the various zoo keepers and how dedicated they are to each animals’ health- both physical and mental. The emphasis is always on the animal’s welfare.

North Carolina Zoo Practices Worldwide Conservation

North Carolina Zoo, Red Wolf

A red wolf at the NC Zoo.

What really got our attention, however, are the worldwide conservation programs in which the zoo participates. Preventing the extinction of wildlife drives all the NC Zoo’s conservation programs.

Current activities include working with Rangers in Cameroon to help save the Cross River gorilla using GPS technology, participating in the Red Wolf Breeding program to increase the population of red wolves in captivity, and designing and installing hellbender nesting boxes in Western NC to improve the habitat for Eastern Hellbenders. Wow!

                                                     Our Involvement

North Carolina Zoo

Dustin Smith, Curator of Reptiles and Amphibians, shows Dale the hellbender nesting boxes

As our excitement grew in discovering the zoo, we joined as life time members. Now we look forward to partnering with the zoo on wildlife conservation endeavors in the years to come.

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