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Upcoming Weiler Exhibit at RTPI

Weiler Exhibit

We are pleased to announce an upcoming Weiler exhibit of both Dale’s and his father, M.C. Weiler’s work. The show, “The Weiler’s Evolution: A Father and Son’s Artistic Journey,” runs from April 21st through July 2nd, 2017 at The Roger Tory Peterson Institute (RTPI) in Jamestown, NY. For a complete description of the show visit: http://rtpi.org/art/future-exhibits/.

Our collaboration with RTPI began this spring with a visit from the President of the RTPI Board. In July, we visited the Institute to finalize details of the 2017 exhibit. The Institute’s mission to connect people with nature through art, education and conservation rings true with our values to protect wildlife.

The show will include both bronzes and stone sculptures of wildlife carved by Dale over the last 20 years. His sculptures reflect his evolving dedication to conserve and protect the environment. Watercolors, sketches and wood decoy carvings by M.C. Weiler, a nationally renowned sporting artist, will also be exhibited often showing the influence he had on Dale’s art.


The Roger Tory Peterson Institute

On our visit to the Institute we saw many of Peterson’s paintings including his snowy owls which Dale loves to carve. Seeing many of the original illustrations for the Peterson Field Guides we use to identify birds in our backyard and on our world travels was a privilege. The irony of this experience was not lost on us, as Dale recalled several occasions his Dad exhibited with Roger Peterson in New York shows.

Much of the art on display in this Weiler exhibit show will be shown for the first time. We hope you will join us for this unique exhibit in which two artists from different generations (Dale and his dad) employ different mediums (stone and watercolor) to interpret their common love of nature.


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