Protecting Wildlife through a sculpture of elephant trunks entwined by Dale Weiler

Protecting Wildlife through Art

We hope you have visited our new website  “Protecting Wildlife and the Environment through Art” is our mission statement. A bold proclamation but what exactly does “protecting wildlife through art” mean? How are we using art to help keep our animals and natural resources safe?


A photo of a mother and baby elephant with their trunks entwined sculpted from steatite by Dale Weiler.

“Love Knot”, a wildlife sculpture by Dale Weiler of a  mother and baby elephant with their trunks entwined.

We are just beginning but as we move forward, we will be posting how we are making a difference with each of the wildlife organizations with which we partner. A new section on our website called Conservation Initiatives is currently being developed to highlight our efforts and open a dialogue with you to explore ways to collaborate in working together to help wildlife.


We will be working to raise awareness and funds for endangered species and also animals with declining populations through Dale’s sculptures and other artists’ works.  As an initial step, we are donating a portion of all sale proceeds from Dale’s sculptures to wildlife causes we support. Concurrently, we are reaching out to groups and individuals that share our values and/or have current programs involved in protecting wildlife to see how we can work together using art to help save endangered animals.


Whether it is hellbenders (check out videos on the progress of Dale’s latest hellbender sculpture on Facebook at Weiler Woods for Wildlife) or our upcoming show at The Roger Tory Peterson Institute this spring, we are committed to making our world a better place for all living things. And we really want to hear from you. If you are an artist with ideas or an organization or individual looking for help; please call us, email us or sign up for our newsletter to learn more, share and get involved. We promise to listen.