M.C. Weiler Art

Milton C. Weiler, Fond Memories by Dale

This article written by Dale, “My Father’s Art – A Son Remembers: The Cover Art of Milton C. Weiler”, appears in the March-April, 2017 Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine. Dale’s dad, Milton C. Weiler, was a renowned sporting artist who was also a true sportsman and conservationist. His profound love and respect of the outdoors, which he passed on to Dale, has greatly influenced Dale’s art and life. Carrying Milton C. Weiler’s art and conservation message forward in our work is just one way to honor this great artist.

We hope you enjoy the article:

Milton C. Weiler's Art

A watercolor of a leaping trout by M.C. Weiler on the cover of “Sports Afield” in 1965


Remember when? Do you remember way back when the sporting magazines had bright, flashy paintings for their covers and illustrations? I always looked forward to seeing the newest edition of “Sports Afield”, “Field & Stream” and “Outdoors Life”. To stare in awe at the bigger-than-life rendering splashed across the cover was always exhilarating to me, especially when I knew my father’s painting was the monthly feature. Read more…


Milton C. Weiler's Art

Dale on the Gunnison River painted by M.C. Weiler and used in a September, 1973 article in “Sports Afield”

Much of Milton C. Weiler’s art including watercolors, carvings and magazine covers will be on exhibit along with over 30 of Dale’s stone, bronze and wood sculptures from 4-21-2017 through 7-2-2017 at The Roger Tory Peterson Institute in Jamestown, NY. We hope you can stop by and see the exhibit if you are in the area.