Hummingbirds. Ruby throated hummingbird

Hummingbirds, Hellbenders and a Snowy Owl Sculpture!

owl sculpture

A banded ruby-throated hummingbird. Photo: Twan Leenders/RTPI.org

What do hummingbirds and hellbenders have in common? And how does a snowy owl sculpture help both?  And more importantly, how does all this fit with our mission to help wildlife? Hmmm.

First, some facts. Most hummingbirds migrate each spring and fall between Central America/Mexico and the United States/Canada. This summer we are enjoying several ruby-throated hummingbirds in our North Carolina backyard. We often know where they winter and summer but where do they stop during migration? We also know many fly over the Gulf of Mexico on a 500-mile nonstop journey. Makes us tired just thinking about it!

Banding birds (catching them and putting a small band on their leg with key information about the bird) helps scientists study their movement so we can better understand and protect their habitat on their annual migration. Many institutions including The Roger Tory Peterson Institute (RTPI) participate in banding projects in both the US and Central America which are essential to bird conservation efforts. But wait, RTPI also researches the habitat of hellbenders in order to better understand their movements (see our blog on hellbenders for more information). Both hummingbirds and hellbenders are being helped by RTPI.

Help Wildlife by Buying a Snowy Owl Sculpture

owl sculpture

Eastern hellbender.

And we (Weiler Woods for Wildlife) have partnered with RTPI to raise money and awareness for their conservation programs. As you may know, Dale carved a snowy owl sculpture, “Elevated Perspective” out of snowy alabaster and then had Turner Sculpture cast a limited edition of 50 bronzes which are now for sale. We just sent RTPI a check for over $10,000 for their bird migration banding protocol and hellbender research from the sale of the bronzes. So you see, both the hummingbird and hellbender are being helped by a snowy owl.

owl sculpture

“Elevated Perspective”. 100% of sale proceeds help wildlife.

If you purchased one, you have helped research on hummingbirds and hellbenders and we so appreciate it. If you haven’t bought one yet, it is not too late. You can secure your very own bronze for $1,500 + shipping and applicable sales tax. We hope to ultimately raise $50,000 for RTPI with 100% of the owl sale proceeds going to their important conservation programs. To order one, email loti@weilerwoods.com. Your purchase price will help protect wildlife and you get a beautiful Weiler bronze. Sweet!