A film to inspire you to fall in love with America’s red wolf.

Become a champion for wildlife’s underdogs! And help save some of our most endangered, misunderstood animals.

Our top priority? The most endangered wild animal living in the US, America’s red wolf.

When you see a bald eagle, you are witnessing one of the greatest come-back conservation stories of all time. Brought back from the brink of extinction, bald eagles are no longer endangered. This was only possible because communities across the nation banded together to save the eagle. Let’s do the same for our red wolf.

And how, you might ask? Read on to learn easy ways you can help.

Header Video Credit: Victoria Ziglar

Mom & Pup Photo: Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Our Mission

Take it from us, it is never too late to make a difference in your life! Our mission? Simple. To inspire you to become a wildlife champion, especially for underdogs and endangered animals. And as you already know, America’s red wolf is our top concern.

We believe the more you learn, the more you can love & protect… So let’s get busy learning and sharing!

endangered red wolves

Curious red wolf siblings. Photo: NC Zoo

Our Nonprofit Work Takes Two Paths

educational programs


A free online red wolf photo gallery, a short film, and a traveling photo exhibit are all in the works to bring more awareness to red wolves and other underdog animals. Plus we are working with local school systems and scout troops to develop curricula for endangered species.

rv traveling

Art for Wildlife

We use art to connect us with nature and one another, invoke curiosity, and fuel change. Dale’s original hellbender sculpture is proudly displayed at the NC Zoo. And 35 castings of his first red wolf sculpture found their homes at zoos throughout the country, helping folks learn about this shy animal. Plus, if you buy a sculpture, 100% of the price is donated to our nonprofit. Win-win!

Be a Wildlife Champion

endangered wildlife


Volunteering is a fantastic way to make a difference and we need you! If you have some time to donate, fill out this form and we’ll get back to you with rewarding ways to help make a difference for wildlife in need. 
endangered wildlife

Make a donation 

Every dollar counts! Become a wildlife champion today by making a tax-deductible donation. Your donation will help fund educational programs and art initiatives.
endangered animals

Buy handcrafted sculptures

When you buy one of Dale’s sculptures, you get a captivating piece of wildlife art and you help save wildlife. 100% of every sculpture sale is donated to our nonprofit to carry out our mission.
endangered wildlife

Spread the word

Engage with us on social media. Share our posts, write your own, and tell everyone you know about endangered animals, especially red wolves! And if you enjoy giving presentations, we have one ready for you to use free. Just contact us for more information.

Featured Underdogs

Here are a few of the underdogs we love and work to protect.

wildlife guide

Red Wolves

wildlife guide


wildlife guide


wildlife guide


Our Founder’s Story

A new video is out on our founder’s conservation work & love story by First Horizon Bank. When you meet in your 60’s, fall in love at first sight, get engaged in 8 days, and then form a nonprofit, you learn it is truly never, ever too late to make a difference.

Wildlife Blogs

Our wildlife blog celebrates our misunderstood and underappreciated wildlife. Join us as we venture into our own backyards and across the country, to meet these underdogs and learn their amazing stories.


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