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Do you have a special fondness for the underdogs in the wildlife kingdom? And what is an underdog, you might ask? Well, we define them as the misunderstood, under-appreciated, and often unjustly feared creatures in nature. Think bats, wolves, vultures & hellbenders.

One of our favorites is the opossum. Despised by many, they are incredible tick eating machines, eating up to  5,000 disease-spreading ticks in a season. Talk about a critter that needs some praise and protection!

Our field guide will help you better understand how these mighty underdogs make life better for all of us. Join us to become champions for their survival.

Header Photo Credit: The Museum of Life + Science


wildlife guide


So what happens when you meet in your 60’s and it is love at first sight. Well, you get engaged in 8 days and then look at each other and ask now what do we do?


Let’s start by exploring some cool facts about animals & plants and how they enrich our lives. Learn how to become an advocate for each underdog.

wildlife guide


We love seeing how Dale’s wildlife sculptures and other artists’ art captivate and engage folks. Feeling so strongly about the power of art to inspire, we donate all sculptures and sales proceeds to critical wildlife conservation causes.


What’s your favorite misunderstood animal? How do you help them?  To get started, check out some ideas. Support a conservation organization (see which ones we trust), learn how to speak out or plant a wildlife garden. 


Here are a few of the underdogs we love (and hope you will too). And while our field guide focuses on North American animals, you will also find some other wildlife that tugs at our hearts.

wildlife guide


wildlife guide


wildlife guide



Falling in love with wildlife began at an early age when I brought home snakes & salamanders to learn about them (of course, mom was less than thrilled). Because I was a misunderstood gawky kid, my friends were the critters I met outdoors.

Loti’s Lens is a celebration of all that is wild and the wonderful underdog animals that befriended me as a child. Learn how they make all of our lives better today.

Our Latest Pursuits

Watch a recording of our very first webinar and let us know what you think.

If you are an American red wolf fan and/or want to learn more about this misunderstood underdog, watch our first webinar, Sculpting the Tale of the American Red Wolf. Co-hosted with the Endangered Wolf Center, we share how art inspires us to protect this magnificent animal and how you can use your talents to help all wildlife.



Join us to receive behind the scenes updates on Dale’s newest sculptures, cool animal facts, highlights on organizations you can support and breaking conservation news.

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