It Is Never Too Late!

never too late

It is never too late for love. Do you hear the expression and then think, well it is way past my time?

We learned at a ripe old age it is never too late. Meeting in our 60’s, we fell in love at first sight which shocked us both. So then what do you do? Well, you get engaged in 8 days and look at each other and ask, now what?

Sharing a deep passion for wildlife and habitat, especially the underdogs we decided to create Weiler Woods for Wildlife. Using Dale’s wildlife sculptures and my (Loti’s) love of writing, we are now on a wild (pun intended) adventure to spread the love for these misunderstood critters.

In Dale’s studio next to his first red wolf stone sculpture

Curious About Us?

Dale started sculpting in his late 40’s and never looked back. An artist, a navy pilot, an international consultant and an aerospace engineer all rolled into one.
I retired from insurance after forty years to pursue my love of animals and gardening. As an avid wildlife advocate and gardener, planting native plants to help wildlife is one of my passions.

And proving it is never too late, we met in our 60’s at one of Dale’s art shows in our hometown. If you want to learn more about our love story, you can read our blog Falling in Love.

Creating A Wildlife Haven

Living on 3 acres in the foothills of Western North Carolina, we are working to transform our land into a wildlife haven. Learning as we go, we are removing invasive plants and replacing them with native plants.

Three water fountains/baths that Dale sculpted have been added to our landscape. One even has a cute little lizard carved into the top.

Working in his studio next to our house, Dale creates the beautiful art you see on our website. I write our blog (Loti’s Lens), curate the website and do most of the marketing.

never too late

Dale’s Studio

Our Focus Is North America

never too late

We have met so many passionate people in our wildlife journey. Here we are at Arkansas State learning about their red wolf program.

But where should we begin? Which animal or plant should we focus on and how could we possibly help them? We searched high and low for a useful resource guide that offered both a better understanding of wildlife and how to protect them.

Not finding one, we created our own. The result is our website (an ongoing labor of love). We are excited to share the lessons we are learning, including some from the school of hard knocks, so you can blaze your own trail to become a champion for all that is wild.

Our focus is North America where we can get out and see the animals and habitat we are trying to protect. We do have a few African animals featured as we can’t forget our elephants, gorillas and rhinos. So much to learn…

And as we travel and learn, we are meeting some of the most incredible, passionate people. We get our energy from the red wolf keepers, the biologist doing research on bog turtles, the photographer that lets us use a photo on our website, and all the folks that are working to save our wildlife and preserve their habitat. 

never too late

Our boy Gibbs!

Meanwhile, our dog Gibbs (and yes he is named for the NCIS character), tries to keep the bears, squirrels and raccoons in check. Luckily he is not very successful but has a blast trying.

never too late

At home with Gibbs. Photo: Rose Jenkins

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