Educational Programs: The More You Learn, the More You Love
educational programs

Curious endangered red wolf pups. Photo: Katie Cotterill/ Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

It is impossible to love and protect something you don’t know about. So one of our goals is to provide educational programs about the underdogs in nature, especially the endangered. Think misunderstood, underappreciated and unjustly feared animals in the wild. And when you discover the superpowers of these animals and how they help us and our environment… Only then can you fall in love with them and want to protect them.

Our current efforts are focused on the most endangered wild animal in the US, America’s red wolf. We also highlight lots of other underdogs like hellbenders, owls, beavers and vultures, but the red wolves desperately need our help right now!

With less than 20 left in the wild, in the whole world, we want to save them just like our country did for the bald eagle. To learn a bit more about these magnificent animals that mate for life and are fabulous parents, read our blog Seven Impressive Reasons We Love Endangered Red Wolves.

And when you learn a red wolf has never attacked a human, ever, you might not be so afraid. Just maybe, you will start falling in love as we have. So let’s see some of the educational programs on which we are working and for which we need your support.


Our Red Wolf Gallery

educational programs

Our Red Wolf Gallery

What do folks working in red wolf conservation need? That’s the question we asked as soon as we formed our nonprofit.

We listened to a lot of people and the answer? A gallery of red wolf images that folks can use to spread awareness. We heard from US Fish & Wildlife Services, red wolf breeding facilities and even girl scout groups. Where can you get good red wolf photos that can be used in presentations, articles and/or social media posts? Nowhere. 

So we created the Red Wolf Gallery where you can download free photos, videos and film clips of red wolves. More photos are added each Friday and if you follow us on Facebook, you will be the first to see them.


educational programs

Hellbenders are the largest salamanders in the US. Photo: David Herasimtschuk

One way to teach people about red wolves is through presentations. More than 90% of folks we meet have never heard of a red wolf or a hellbender!

And you can put us in that same category. We had never heard of hellbenders or red wolves 6 years ago. And we are headquartered in North Carolina where both animals live!

So it goes back to “the more you learn, the more you can love.” We are doing webinars via Zoom and in-person for groups including Rotary, Kiwanis, Garden Clubs, local land preservation organizations and in conjunction with zoos. If you have a need or idea for a presentation just contact us at [email protected].

A Traveling Photo Exhibit

educational programs

A photo exhibit sponsored by Weiler Woods for Wildlife & Running Wild Media

You ask and we will keep listening and finding solutions! We are receiving requests from red wolf conservation organizations to put together a traveling photo exhibit of red wolves.

We do some research and it turns out there’s already an exhibit by Running Wild Media.  It recently finished showing at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center in Columbus Ohio. So we are partnering with Justin Grubb & Alex Goetz of Running Wild Media, the guys that produced the amazing film Resilience which you can see in our Red Wolf Gallery, to bring the exhibit to you.

It will be traveling around the country for 2-3 month stops. Let us know at [email protected] if you are interested in learning more or hosting the exhibit.

Educational Programs for Students

educational programs

A group of girls scouts are shown a red wolf skull from Candace, the red wolf keeper at the WNC Nature Center

If we can teach our kids, they can teach us all! Educational programs for children are one of our most important initiatives. We are working with several local school systems and scout troops to develop curricula for endangered animals and how they impact our environment in a positive way.

So calling all teachers. Let us know if you would like to get involved with helping us develop interactive lesson plans for grades 1-12. We would love to hear from you!

And coming soon…

We have lots of other educational programs planned. Stay tuned for some fun, creative ways to connect with wildlife’s underdogs. 

educational programs

 A red wolf howling for more education! Photo: Endangered Wolf Center

How Can You Help?

All these programs take time, expertise & money to create and distribute. If you have the ability, we sure can use your help. Please make a donation if possible or contact us to talk about volunteer opportunities. You can email us at [email protected].