Afraid Of Spiders?

If you are afraid of spiders, you are not alone. 33% of all people suffer from arachnophobia (a phobia of scary spiders). And with almost 50,000 different species, there are a lot of spiders!

Your phobia might come from that awful movie we watched growing up of giant scary spiders crawling out of a subway tunnel and then… Well, you get the picture.

What Is A Spider?

scary spider

Are you afraid of spiders? If so, you join 33% of the population who are afraid.

So what exactly is a spider and why are they so misunderstood? Well, they are predators (but not insects) with eight legs.

And they all can bite but very rarely. On average, only 1 person dies from a spider bite a year so your chances of dying from a bite are slim to none.

And yes, black widows and brown recluse spiders have a nasty bite. Just don’t crawl around in dark, damp corners of your garden shed where they like to live without gloves and you should be fine.

Spiders Are Good Neighbors

But spiders are actually good guys and gals to have in your garden and even your house. Yikes? My house? Yep. Spiders eat insects like roaches, aphids, wasps and mosquitos.

So if you see one in your house, you might want to treat it as an important guest. If you leave it alone or even put it on a houseplant as we do, it will happily munch away on your household insects.

Can’t stand the idea of one sharing your home? At least catch it and release it outside.

And please think twice about having your house sprayed for bugs. Even the “green” chemicals can be toxic to not only the spiders but your family. Think about it. If the chemicals can kill bugs, they likely can affect you and your pets.

scary spiders

Spiders are good for your garden and your house!

Cool Spider Facts

And spiders have superpowers! When a spider weaves its web to catch prey, it uses a silk filament called gossamer. Spider silk is the strongest known natural fiber. Even stronger than steel but much lighter.

Not all spiders weave webs. But when they do, you will be treated to some of the most beautiful art in the world.

Plus one spider species plucks their web just like a guitar to attract a mate. How romantic.

And the myth you swallow spiders while you are asleep is just not true. On the other hand, the fact some female spider species will eat their mate after sex is true. How unromantic!

scary spider

Spider silk is the strongest fiber in the world

scary spider

Admire spider webs for their beauty rather than tearing them down.

How Can We Help?

So how can we help the misunderstood spider? First, learn all you can and share cool spider facts and photos on social media. Help dispel all the myths surrounding spiders.

Second, please try and not use pesticides in your house or garden. You and the spiders will definitely appreciate it.

Third, provide habitat in your yard for spiders. When you see a spider web, admire it for its beauty instead of tearing it down. And provide dead leaf mulch among your plants for spiders to hide.

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