Conserving Carolina

Protecting habitat (land, water and air) is as important as protecting the animals that live in that habitat. Without one, you can’t have the other.

So when we had a chance to partner with one of our local land preservation/conservation groups, we jumped at the chance. Conserving Carolina protects habitats and wildlife species through land acquisitions and conservation easements. With over 45,000 acres protected, mostly in Western North Carolina, they have created hiking trails, parks and protected forests throughout the region. And by supporting Americorps, they offer young adults an opportunity to make a difference in habitat management and gain experience at the same time.

Our partnerships with Conserving Carolina include:

  • Funding & establishing 3 pollinator gardens with an emphasis on monarch butterflies
  • Funding part of the purchase price of a land tract with 2 large large ponds used by migratory birds
  • Helping install hellbender nest boxes in a Conserving Carolina protected stream
  • Helping secure funding for a bog with one of only ten known populations (in the world) of sweet mountain pitcher plants
  • Planting native plants from their in-house nursery to improve habitat on our property


  • Learn more about Conserving Carolina on their website.
  • Become a member or sign up for their newsletter.
  • Make a donation.
  • Volunteer. They need help clearing invasive plants (lots of hard work, but really rewarding), building trails, monitoring water quality and much more.
  • Go on a hike with them and enjoy the outdoors (a great way to meet cool people).
  • Tell your friends about them.
  • Attend one of their Speaker Series. We have learned about wolves, how to gross moss, native plants and many other fun topics by attending their free workshops.


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