Fractured Existence


Being the largest land mammal, you would think that the elephant would not be in danger of disappearing. Well, think again. There are three species of elephants, two in Africa and one in Asia. The IUCN currently lists both African species as Vulnerable and the Asian species as a Endangered. A combination of poaching for their tusks, loss of habitat and conflict with humans have been the principal reasons for their population decline.

Fractured Existence is emblematic of the elephant’s fate. I could see in the original piece of steatite only a portion of an elephant’s head. Clearly parts of its anatomy were missing. I felt this would be a perfect way to portray the destructive influence we have had on this majestic and gentle giant’s existence.

elephant sculpture

Sculpture Description:

Species: African bush elephant
Material: Virginia steatite on forged steel base
Dimensions: 10”w by15”d by 13”h
Price: $15,000.00


The proceeds were donated to the North Carolina Zoo elephant conservation program for elephant enrichment.


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