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Dale’s and Loti’s Wildlife Conservation Journey

Our Nature Conservation Journey

Welcome to our exciting wildlife and nature conservation journey which started when we met at the end of 2015 and married in 2016. We quickly discovered our shared passion and appreciation for protecting both wildlife and the environment through conservation.

nature conservation


Dale began carving stone sculptures over 20 years ago, creating interpretations of his encounters with animals around the world. A trip to Tanzania inspired a number of sculptures on endangered African animals. These and future sculptures will be used to raise awareness and money for conservation causes that are important to us in both our own backyard and around the globe.

Our New Website

Our redesigned website shares our new focus as Dale’s sculptures become a catalyst to make a difference in wildlife conservation issues.  In addition to showcasing his stone and bronze sculptures, we are developing Did You Know fact sheets about the various animals which Dale carves. Many of these are endangered species or have declining populations.

Our blog chronicles sculptures in process, our travels exploring wildlife, conservation initiatives, upcoming art shows and ways we are trying to make a positive impact on our planet. Look for an announcement of our first collaboration in the next blog.

Our Future

nature conservation

Hiking in Dominica

And finally,  please let us hear from you about your experiences and ideas to make a difference. We welcome all suggestions including feedback on our website.

Looking forward, we are partnering with organizations and individuals that inspire, educate and affect positive change for both wildlife and our natural resources. We are excited to get started!


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