kiss a frog

A Carolina gopher frog. Photo by Dustin Smith, NC Zoo

Would either of us kiss a frog? You bet if it helps protect them from extinction. But we better kiss them quick as they may not be with us much longer. What?

Over 40% of frogs, classified as amphibians, are at risk of extinction. Their decline is one of the most critical threats to biodiversity on our planet. And since frogs are an indicator of the health of our environment, we are definitely worried. Climate change, pollution, disease, and loss of habitat are the main culprits.

Why should we help?

First of all, they are cute! But more important as Dustin Smith, Curator-Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish & Invertebrates at the NC Zoo says “frogs play an important role as both predator and prey. As an indicator species, they inform us on how healthy our wetlands are.”

So how can we help?

Well, by marrying art with conservation, of course!
Weiler Woods for Wildlife has partnered with the NC Zoo to raise funds for and awareness of these cute little guys/gals. The zoo has been involved in head-starting populations of gopher frogs, one of the rarest frogs in the Southeast. Headstarting? What is that and how does it help?
kiss a frog

Dustin Smith releases a gopher frog into the wild. Photo by Brady Beck

Headstarting involves collecting frog egg masses in the wild, rearing the hatched tadpoles in captivity and then releasing the subadults back into the wild. It allows populations of endangered species to well, get a headstart.

Buy a bronze to help. And you don’t even have to kiss a frog!

Out of a limited edition of 20, we have 9  remaining bronze sculptures, “Jumpin’ Jack-in-the-Pulpit for sale at $2,000 each (plus applicable tax and shipping) with 100% of the net proceeds being donated to amphibian conservation causes at the NC Zoo. And the cool thing about the bronze, it holds water in the top providing you with functional art for an orchid or small flower arrangement. To purchase one or for more information, email [email protected] or check out our website at

kiss a frog

Jumpin’ Jack-in-the-Pulpit by Dale Weiler with a live orchid

kiss a frog

Another view of Jumpin’ Jack-in-the-Pulpit by Dale Weiler