Our Growing Wolf Pack

Where are the Castings?

Our wolf pack is growing! We hope you will join our pack.

“Just Settling In” a stone sculpture of a red wolf mom and her cub, started us on a journey we could not have predicted. While brainstorming the best use of the sculpture to bring awareness to red wolves, the idea of making limited edition castings bubbled up. Thank you, Chris Lasher, of the NC Zoo and Ben Prater of Defenders of Wildlife for all your input!

wolf pack

“Just Settling In” by Dale Weiler carved from Alabaster

wolf pack

Save Our Red Wolves

And as a quick reminder, there are less than 20 red wolves left in the wild and only 250+ in human care in zoos and other conservation organizations. The only wild ones left live in Eastern North Carolina and are on the verge of going extinct (for a second time). You can learn more about the importance of red wolves and why they need our help on our Red Wolf page.

So Why a Wolf Pack?

Wanting to help save our red wolf pack, we had 10 castings made of Dale’s sculpture. Now what, we ask ourselves? Within days, all 10 are committed to red wolf conservation organizations around the country. So where are they now?

wolf pack

Dale, Heather Chisholm & Ben Prater at the unveiling at The Red Wolf Education Center

Red Wolf Education Center

The first unveiling took place at The Red Wolf Education Center in Alligator River Wildlife Refuge where our last remaining wild red wolves live. How appropriate!

Defenders of Wildlife sponsored the piece and it now is on display in the Center. One of the highlights was meeting “Cash”, a red wolf living at the center.

Wolf Conservation Center


The second unveiling occurred at The Wolf Conservation Center in S. Salem, NY where 50 red and grey wolves live. Defenders of Wildlife also sponsored this casting. One of the highlights was hearing all 50 wolves howl at once. Mind blowing!

wolf pack Here we are with the staff of Defenders and The Wolf Conservation Center.

Zoo Knoxville

A third casting now resides at Zoo Knoxville right outside their red wolf habitat. We had the honor of spending time with all the red wolf keepers who are so passionate about caring for their red wolf pack. With less than 300 red wolves left in the whole world, it is a joy to see 10 in one place. 


wolf pack

All the zoo keepers gather around the newly installed red wolf casting at Zoo Knoxville.

Museum of Life + Science

Dale’s casting at the Museum of Life + Science Center

sign for Dale's red wolf sculpture

A sign at The Museum of Life + Science describing Dale’s casting Just Settling In

A fourth casting has now been unveiled at The Museum of Life + Science in Durham. It is at the entrance of their red wolf enclosure and looks great with a panel explaining the importance of art and red wolf conservation.

Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center


In Nov 2019 we unveiled a casting at Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center in Chattanooga. Once again, Defenders of Wildlife sponsored the casting and the local NPR station interviewed us just prior to the unveiling. Very fun.

wolf pack

Dale, Mark McKnight & Ben Prater at the unveiling

WNC Nature Center

And the last casting unveiled is at The WNC Nature Center in Asheville, NC. It is also sponsored by Defenders of Wildlife.

After the unveiling, Dale wowed the audience with a puppy dance to help their two red wolves produce their own wolf pack. We hear it might have worked! Puppies may be on the way.

wolf pack

Karen Babcock, Chris Gentile, Dale & Ben Prater at the unveiling

The Zoo at Chehaw Park

The Zoo at Chehaw Park is still recovering from multiple hurricanes in 2018. They have temporarily displayed Dale’s casting in their gift shop until they can redo their red wolf enclosure. We look forward to visiting when construction is completed.

Where Are the Last 2 Castings?

The remaining 2 castings have yet to be installed. Unveilings are planned for 2020 at both The Endangered Wolf Center in Missouri & The NC Zoo.

Update 7-2020

Ten more castings have been fabricated by Scenic Artistry & Custom Finishes. They are absolutely beautiful, hand painted fiberglass castings and have just been shipped to additional red wolf conservation organizations. Stay tuned for virtual unveilings!



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