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Our Story

Wildlife conservation
Photo: Karin Strickland

Our Story: Dale Weiler & Loti Woods

Getting engaged in 8 days from our first date (in our 60's) was just the beginning. And we have never looked back.

Using Dale's wildlife sculptures to raise awareness & funding for endangered animals throughout the world is our life mission. We hope you will join us on a journey to help protect wildlife & habitat and have a blast along the way.


Dale Weiler

our story

Genetically wired (meaning I was born) to be a stone sculptor of wildlife.

My dad's best lesson: "Don't do anything unless full out and always assume there's room for improvement".

A childhood of camping and fly fishing across North America deeply imprinted an enduring love of nature.

Flew A-4's in the Naval Air Command. Served aboard the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk in Vietnam.

My 30 years in management consulting helps me bring conservation resources together today.

Being an artist and an engineer, I'm able to use both sides of my brain when creating art.

Enrolled in my first art class (in stone sculpting) at age 43 at the Maine School of Art.

Elected member of  National Sculpture Society, Artists for Conservation,  Society of Animal Artists, American Society of Marine Artists.

Sculptures are installed at the NC Zoo, The Woodson Museum, The Ward Museum and Brookgreen Gardens. Also at The Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, The Roger Tory Peterson Institute, and numerous others.

My favorite animal is an owl. Maybe that's why I carve so many owls!

 Loti Woods

Our Story

Love nature, wildlife and researching both.

Teaching special education began my life-long interest in learning new ways to solve challenges.

With 40 years in the insurance industry, time to retire and move to Tryon, NC.

I write the blogs, curate the photos and create content for our website.

Gardening is one of my passions. I am learning all I can about native plants and their benefits to wildlife.

As a pesco-vegetarian, I eat fish but no chicken, pork or beef. My reasoning: I don't eat any animal that cares for its young.

Co-organizing TEDx talks in our hometown of Tryon, population 1,621 proves you can do anything to which you set your mind.

I love to travel, with over 50 countries visited so far.

My favorite animal is an elephant.


Our Story: Together

A chance meeting at a Tryon, NC art gallery, love at first sight and a union we could never imagine possible begins our story.

Fast forward a few years and we are:

Traveling to amazing places to learn about new animals and habitat.

Meeting incredibly knowledgeable and energetic wildlife experts.

Helping wildlife conservation using Dale's sculptures.

Sharing our curiosity about nature with others and having the time of our lives.


A few fun facts about us.


Our story

Visiting bats at Bracken Cave. Photo: Teresa Nichta/Merlin


We live in the foothills of the Western North Carolina mountains which is magical. Do you know, we have more salamanders than anywhere in the world? Our house and Dale's studio are covered in poplar bark. The squirrels run up and down the bark which really annoys our dog.

our story

Since getting married, we have visited numerous countries and US states to learn about conservation and wildlife. "Walking in Paradise" about walking with polar bears and "Galapagos Animals, Oh My!" are two of our favorite trips. Next up Belize and Kenya.

Hiking, working in our garden, traveling and getting inspired by nature keep us motivated.

Gibbs, our Havanese, (and yes, he is named after NCIS) loves Brussel sprouts and keeps us smiling.

Working to protect bats, hellbenders, red wolves, gorillas, frogs, elephants and many other animals is just the beginning.

An important lesson for us: The protection of habitat is just as important as helping wildlife. Working with Conserving Carolina, we are protecting wildlife corridors and other critical habitats.

Dale creates the art and Loti markets it.  Together we are a force of Nature!