Our Travel Adventure: Beautiful Spiders and The Bayou
our rv spot at Auburn campsite

Our RV spot in Auburn, AL

Our travel adventure continues. After spending all day at the RV dealership getting some work done on our rig, we leave right . at 5 pm. Driving in downtown Atlanta in an RV during rush hour is not for the faint of heart. But we make it through with very few traffic delays.

Just as we are getting near the exit for our campsite at Chewacla State Park in Auburn, AL, traffic stops. Oh no, it is really late after a long day.

A tractor-trailer has jackknifed in the median. Dale does this really fancy maneuver and cuts right in front of a truck and scares the hell out of me. Before I can say anything cute, he says “look behind us”. The police have stopped all traffic both ways on the Interstate and guess what? We are the last car to get through.

The local newspaper reports traffic was stopped for 3 hours. Yikes. That could have been us. So yes, the traffic gods are looking out for us and Dale is very smug about his bad driving habits.

A Missed Opportunity

Rv Traveling

Mississippi sand hill cranes are critically endangered. Photo: Wikipedia

As our travel adventure continues, we are driving along the coast, we see a sign for the Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge. We have an 8-hour drive ahead of us so we don’t have time to stop but why don’t we know about this place?

It turns out the Mississippi sandhill crane is critically endangered and only lives in this one wildlife refuge in the entire world. And we are now driving by it and not stopping!

With only 100 left in the wild,  I am so disappointed and mad at myself for not doing better research of things to do along our path. I vow to do better. What a missed opportunity!

Muscovy Ducks

Watching a muscovy duck while we eat lunch somewhere in Louisiana

But it is amazing what you can find when you get off the beaten track and do a little exploring. We exit the interstate in search of a place for lunch and find a wonderful city park. They even have Muscovy ducks (not native to the US but very cool looking).

One of the ducks waddles right up to Gibbs which does not please him in the least bit. After a few warning barks from Gibbs, the duck moves on and we enjoy our salad & smoothies. Life is good!

The Cajun Campground 

travel adventure

Our Cajun campground is delightful

We both have low expectations for our next campground but it turns out we are pleasantly surprised. When I read you have to wear a wristband at all times and quiet hour starts at 11 pm, I am prepared to turn on the generator and pull all the blinds down to drown out the noise.

But we are all alone on the backside of this very deserted campground, The Cajun Heritage RV Park. And they have a free, spotless laundry and no wristbands!

Wed morning as we are getting ready to leave, Dale spots a big pond turtle cruising through the grass. We check it out and it looks like it just came from a pond with algae clinging to its back. Very fun.


travel adventure

A pond turtle at our campsite

Beautiful spiders in the Bayou

travel adventures

A golden orb-weaving spider seen on our walk through the Louisiana swamp.

No visit to Louisiana would be complete without a walk through the swamp. So before leaving for Texas, we head over to Acadiana Nature Station Park. And it is a good thing they have a boardwalk because the swamp is, a swamp!

The mosquitos are giant. Everything seems huge and I keep expecting King Kong to rise out of the muck.

But the spiders are amazing. Everywhere we turn, these beautiful spiders are spinning their webs. After a little research, we learn these are golden orb-weaving spiders and are common in the southeast, including our home state. We haven’t seen any in North Carolina, but now we will be on the lookout for them when we get home.

Not only are they gorgeous, but they also spin 7 kinds of silk and their silk is being studied for possible use in surgeries involving the nervous system. Mother Nature at her best!




Texas Here we Come

travel adventure

Our view of the beach in Sargent, Texas

Next up on our travel adventure? Texas. We have found a private RV spot through the app, Hipcamp, right on the beach in Sargent, Texas. And we are spending 2 nights which means a day of no driving! Yea!

Of course, on our one full day without having to drive anywhere, it rains all day. And it is fabulous! We are tucked into our RV with no place to go. When the weather finally clears, we have the entire beach to ourselves. The perfect way to spend our off day.

travel adventure

Not a soul on the beach. It is glorious.