Hallowed Ground


Loti and I love owls! And owl art helps us connect with the raptors.

They have a mysterious quality about them and are most active at night which adds to their allure. The exception to this behavior is the burrowing owl, which is more active during daylight hours. Unlike other birds that roost above ground, burrowing owls make their homes under ground.

I had this cube shaped piece of black steatite lying around for years. I couldn’t figure out what was in the stone. When I tipped it on edge one day, it became immediately apparent. All this time a burrowing owl was waiting patiently to poke its head out. 

owl art

Sculpture Description:

Species: Burrowing owl
Material: Virginia steatite on steelbase
Dimensions: 12”w by 14”d by 15”h
Price: $5,000

All proceeds donated to The Peregrine Foundation.


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