Your Field Guide

Your Field Guide

Finally, an upbeat guide that is easy to understand and implement to help you save endangered wildlife and habitat! We focus on the misunderstood and under-appreciated species we lovingly call the underdogs.

Your guide will help you:

  • Fall in love with the underdogs
  • Learn more about them
  • Be inspired by success stories
  • Learn from our adventures and mishaps
  • Discover educational tools and resources
  • Initiate easy and effective action steps


So what happens when you meet in your 60’s and it is love at first sight. Well, you get engaged in 8 days and then look at each other and ask now what do we do?


Let’s start by exploring some cool facts about animals & plants, especially the underdogs. Want to learn more? Check out our additional resource pages with recommended books, apps and websites. 


 We love seeing how Dale’s wildlife sculptures captivate and engage viewers, especially children. Feeling so strongly about the link between art and conservation, we are donating all sculpture sale proceeds to wildlife causes.


So, how do you begin the adventure in protecting your favorite underdogs? The first step is always the hardest! But remember, no action is too small to have a positive impact.


Falling in love with wildlife began at an early age when I brought home snakes & salamanders (mom was less than thrilled). Always the misunderstood kid, my friends were the critters I met outdoors. Loti’s Lens is a celebration of all that is wild and the wonderful underdog animals & plants that keep me company today. 

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Here are a few of the “misunderstoods” we love (and hope you will too) and how to give them a helping hand.






It is pure joy watching children and adults enthralled by a wildlife sculpture (or any other form of art) and wanting to learn more about that animal or plant. Art and particularly sculpture connect us with the beauty of our natural world in a special way.

By learning to love nature through art, we are inspired to protect our surroundings and the critters with which we share space. We believe so strongly in the link between conservation and art, we are donating 100% of all sales from Dale’s sculptures to wildlife & habitat causes. In addition, a select number of his pieces are being donated to public conservation facilities to help build awareness for endangered animals & plants.

Take a peek at Dale’s available sculptures. You just might find something you can’t live without while at the same time helping wildlife.






Now it is time for action. Every positive step you take can and will make a difference. 

• A great start is exploring our website. We promise it won’t be boring.

• Be sure to sign up for our newsletter. It is filled with good stuff and only comes out a few times a year.

• Purchase one of Dale’s sculptures and get a gold star emoji for supporting a critical wildlife cause plus get great art.

And for more ideas, click the link below.


Join us to receive behind the scenes updates on Dale’s newest sculptures, cool animal facts, highlights on organizations you can support and breaking conservation news.


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