Emotional, connected and energized. Three words Dale uses to describe how he feels about his new public art sculpture, “Tails to Rails”.


The sculpture was installed in its final resting place in downtown Tryon, NC in Nov 2017. Launching a new public art initiative in our hometown and honoring two caring and generous people, Jackie and Bob Lane who love Tryon, was a deeply emotional experience.

Dale working on his sculpture

Preparing the base for the sculpture Tails to Rails. Photo by Erik Olsen

The anxiety of moving a thousand pound plus stone base with a backhoe heightened the emotional level. Watching the base twirl in the air before being gently put down inside the drained fountain certainly tests your nerves. And finally, mounting the sculpture (all 9 pieces) to complete the installation and making sure they were lined up perfectly added to the drama.

public art

The sculpture base being installed. Photo by Erik Olsen


Feeling a connection with the enthusiastic crowd ready for the unveiling, Dale spoke about the sculpture and its inspiration. Also, we both sensed a connection with the town’s railroad heritage and nature as we looked at the mourning doves perched on the rail watching the unveiling.


And energized describes not only Dale’s excitement at the moment but our current feeling as well. The stone original has found its forever home. A beautiful addition to our downtown area. But what next?

Dale working on his sculpture

Dale puts the final touch on the sculpture placement.

As Dale created the stone original, we started thinking how can we help conservation causes using the sculpture? After consulting  Carolina Bronze, a foundry with which we are partnering, we decided to cast a limited edition bronze with profits donated to wildlife and environmental causes. Now that gets your energy flowing!

Public Art

public art

Tails to Rails has found its home

So where does one put a bronze of two mourning doves on a railroad tie? Well, think wildlife corridors created by the rails to trails systems. Or railroad towns interested in wildlife conservation and public art. Maybe a centerpiece in a public or private garden. It is a gift that keeps giving, so let us know if you would like the doves to land in your neighborhood!

public art

Tails to Rails, a public art sculpture by Dale Weiler




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