Dusty Dignity


This piece is part of my Petroglyphic Paradigm Series. As was the case in all the pieces in this series, my first glimpse of this beautiful beast was as a two-dimensional petroglyph on the back of the stone. The bas-relief of the rhino came afterward on the front. The stone possesses the perfect dusty quality for the rhino sculpture.

And to learn more about rhinos on easy steps to help save them from extinction read our Cool Facts on Rhinos.  And if you know a great home for “Dusty Dignity” where the sculpture can help bring more awareness to black rhinos, just email us at loti@weilerwoods.com.

Sculpture Description:

Species: Black Rhino
Material: Virginia steatite
Dimensions: 24”w by 16”d by 18”h
Market value: $20,000.00



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