RV Travel in Texas, What Wildlife Will We See?

Heading to Texas in August! What are we thinking as it will be hot, hot, hot!

Our first day is off to a great start. Just one and half hours from home are the South Carolina Botanical Gardens at Clemson University. What a gem. Why have we never been here before?

Cool fossils and rocks! Dale is in heaven.

A T-rex fossil

Fossils, rocks, skeletons and gems are all displayed at the Geology Museum. But the gardens call so we don’t spend too much time inside especially with the Delta virus swirling around.

So many native grasses!

Largest collection of native plants in the Southeast

It is no secret we love native plants! Seeing so many native ecosystems in one place blows our mind! Bogs, pine forests, woodlands and even a prairie are all beautifully laid out.

Our favorite is the carnivorous plant area. Orchids, pitcher plants and a zillion other plants all intermingle along the path. I have never seen so many pitcher plants in one area.

Our only wildlife sighting is this tiny frog poking its head out of a pond. I would have missed it, but eagle eyes Dale spys  it as we walk over a bridge.

We could stay all day but alas, we need to get on the road to get to our Atlanta campsite by dark. And we barely make it!


Our only wildlife sighting

Our campsite

The view from our RV

As we drive into Twin Lakes RV Park in Atlanta, I am horrified to see campers stacked together with no space between them. Oh no, this is going to be dreadful!

But, Dale has done his homework and called ahead to see which is the best spot. We have the last space right in front of a small lake (#74 in case you ever go).

If we pull in the way the spot is designed (forward), our view is the back of the camper next to us about 6 feet away. Ah, but if we back in carefully and angle the Atlas, we have a view of the lake. Perfect! Good thing we have extra hose length as we need every inch of hose for both the electricity & the water.

And then we discover a great path around the lake. As we get about halfway around, we hear loud thunder. We barely make the entire loop before it gets dark and starts raining. And what a welcome rain. It cooled everything off and cleared the hazy air.

We get a good night’s sleep other than 2 people sitting on the swing in front of our RV talking. We solve that by cranking up the AC unit!


A day at RBM, an RV dealership in Atlanta

Our second day is at the RV dealership getting some warranty work done. And it turns out to be a very long day. We arrive at 7:30 & leave after 4:30. But we are prepared with peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for lunch and Dale even has brownies for dessert.

We also have cracks developing on the outside walls of the RV on which we need to get a repair estimate. Well, the cracks are bad enough, their body shop isn’t comfortable quoting a repair. So it will have to go back to Airstream in Ohio to have it fixed. Maybe late fall when we get off the road…But we can’t worry about it now as we have things to do, places to go and people and red wolves to meet!

Next up, Chewacla State Park in Alabama for tonight. We are hoping to get there before sunset but we now face 5 pm traffic in Atlanta. Wish us luck!

Tomorrow is a long day of driving but then we spend 2 nights on the Texas coast so it will be worth the push.