The Awakening


If you haven’t experienced the mass march of baby sea turtles making their way across the sand to reach the ocean, you’ve missed one of the most memorable miracles in nature. These loggerhead hatchlings have just broken free from their eggs and will begin their journey to the sea.

I saw this miracle of nature for the first time almost 20 years ago. It inspired me to create The Awakening. Each time I look at the bronze, I remember the baby sea turtles and hope some are still swimming in the oceans today. To learn more about these magnificent animals read our Explore & Learn “Sea Turtles”.

And I gave Loti the original sculpture of this sea turtle art as a gift when we got engaged (after only 8 days!). Read more about our love story in About Us.

sea turtle art

Sculpture Description:

Species: Loggerhead turtle
Material: Bronze on a limestone base, edition size: 50
Dimensions: 6”w by 6”d by 3”h
Price: $525.00

All proceeds donated to Defenders of Wildlife


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