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zoo knoxville

When you meet the one of the zoo keepers at Zoo Knoxville, you feel like you have a new best friend.They are passionate about “their” animals and want to share their knowledge of each animal in their care. 

We met the red wolf keepers when Dale’s limited edition casting “Just Settling In” was installed in front of the red wolf enclosure. Zoo Knoxville has one of the largest red wolf populations in captivity. The keepers have been instrumental in helping  the recovery of this critically endangered animal.


zoo knoxville

All the zoo keepers gather around Dale’s newly installed red wolf casting at Zoo Knoxville.

While at the zoo, we were introduced to their endangered painted dogs (also known as African wild dogs). And we fell in fell in love with them. Oh no, not another animal to love! Their loyalty to each other, fun personalities and social structure are amazing. Of course, Zoo Knoxville has lots of other animals including elephants, gorillas and one of the best reptile collections in the world. 

Conservation work is one of their primary focuses and includes hellbenders, bog turtles, red wolves and painted dogs. We enjoy visiting their 53 acre zoo whenever we are near Knoxville. We always come away inspired and with a new keeper friend. 


  • Make a donation for their Emergency Relief Fund to help makeup the shortfall in funds due to the pandemic.
  • Become a member, especially if you live in the area.
  • Adopt an animal. You can adopt as an individual at different levels or as a class of students (the animal can be your mascot for the year)
  • Follow Zoo Knoxville on social media including Facebook


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